Ashraf Choudhary

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I appeared on TV3's 60 Minutes programme last Monday night.

I was asked: "Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?"

I replied: " No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct.

"In those societies, not here in New Zealand," I added.

I later issued a short statement in which I said I personally abhor the practice of stoning.

"I have been a devout Muslim all my life and stand by the teachings of the Koran," I said.

"But as a matter of personal belief, I abhor stoning and am strongly opposed to violence."

I said at the time that I would not comment further. But I wish to make it perfectly clear. Gays in Muslim societies should be put to death, as the Koran says, although personally I abhor the customary practice of stoning and would not participate in it myself.

In fact, Islam is a religion of peace, and I'm in favour of finding a kinder, gentler method of execution. Accordingly, I am conducting a survey (see right-hand sidebar) and I invite my blog readers to participate.